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Why Choose DISCERN™?

When Providing Your Patients a Definitive Diagnosis Matters.

Memory Loss
When 2 out of 3 patients are diagnosed as dementia, it could be Alzheimer’s Disease.
Reduce Stress

When identifying family members can lead to reducing the stress and they can depend on you to provide the results they can trust.

Know More

With DISCERN™ more patients will begin to alleviate the stress of not knowing.


To order DISCERN™, you or your administrative staff need to call us to discuss setting up an account. Once we receive your information and confirm information about your office, your account will be established, and a customer service representative will contact you to schedule the delivery of your test kit.

The Certification is simple and will take you less than 10 minutes:

Read About Discern

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Watch Biopsy Video
Watch the biopsy video
(3 min)
Read Patient Form

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Fill in Form

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