If you are experiencing memory loss or any early warning symptoms linked to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), you have to visit your healthcare provider. They will determine if the DISCERN™ test is right for you.

Once your healthcare provider recommends that you should take the test, you have to prepare for the process. It’s a simple process that isn’t time-consuming:

Advanced Diagnostic Centers

Your healthcare provider will fill out a requisition form with all of your information that includes pre-existing conditions, medications, family history, etc.

Discern Test

Your healthcare provider will order the DISCERN™ test for you.

Take Test

You’ll have to schedule another visit to your healthcare provider to take the test.

For the test, your healthcare provider will take a small skin sample using our pre-packaged and sterilized testing kit. Once done, the following process happens:

Test Sample

Your test sample will be sent to our laboratory, where our scientists will incubate and grow the sample to analyze it for the presence of DISCERN™ biomarkers.

Know More

Depending upon how your skin cells grow, your healthcare provider should expect a report within 6-12 weeks.

Definitive and Accurate Answer
You’ll have to schedule a follow-up appointment to learn about your results.
Only your healthcare provider can order the DISCERN™ test. Alternatively, you can visit a healthcare provider around your area that is recommended by us and has the certification to administer the test.
Once you know the results, you and your healthcare provider can discuss the next steps. If it’s AD, your healthcare provider can explore suitable treatments and explore possible eligibility for clinical trials. If it’s not AD, you may need to do more tests to determine which type of Dementia you have.