DISCERN™ Video Showcases Benefits of First Accurate, Autopsy-Confirmed Test for Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory loss can be brought on by a number of treatable medical issues, including Lyme disease, vitamin deficiencies, thyroid issues, drug interactions and the various forms of dementia. Some of the conditions that are often mistaken for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) can easily be addressed with inexpensive interventions. Without a definitive diagnosis, however, it’s frustrating, expensive and overwhelming for patients and families, providers and payers to know how to proceed in the care journey.

To demonstrate how a definite diagnosis is now possible, SYNAPS Dx has released a short video that illustrates in simple terms the benefits of DISCERN™, the first accurate, gold-standard autopsy-confirmed minimally invasive test for the definitive diagnosis of AD vs. other forms of dementia.

We are spreading the word: An early diagnosis with DISCERN™ informs decisions by healthcare providers, patients and their families if clinical interventions are appropriate, provides potential cost savings for payers, as well as saving time and the despair of not knowing for those involved. Early diagnosis also gives patients the chance to have a say in their own care.

How DISCERN™ Works

The launch of DISCERN™ meets the market need of patients, providers, and healthcare professionals to reduce the burden of invasive and expensive diagnostic procedures and ultimately identify appropriate treatment strategies as new AD drugs become available.   

Our novel skin test was developed based on decades of research to reduce the anxiety, inconvenience and expense associated with establishing an AD diagnosis. Our test collects a single skin sample taken like a regular blood draw at the doctor’s office. At the lab, we incubate and grow the blood sample and evaluate it using assays or proprietary biomarkers that differentiate AD from other forms of dementia with 95% sensitivity and 95% specificity – even in the earliest stages of the disease.

Providing Peace of Mind

DISCERN™ gives patients and families the answers they need, enables providers to make a conclusive diagnosis, allows payers to establish protocols and prior authorizations for prescribing and reimbursing treatment, and helps pharmaceutical companies identify appropriate clinical trial participants.

DISCERN™ also empowers health care providers to make an AD diagnosis with high certainty and recommend appropriate treatment, reducing the number of people undergoing costly and often unreliable PET scans and invasive spinal fluid tests.

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